Adult Spinal
Deformity Surgery

Adult spinal deformity surgery is a specialized field within spine surgery that focuses on the treatment of complex and progressive spinal deformities in adults. These deformities often involve abnormal curvatures of the spine, such as scoliosis (lateral curvature), kyphosis (forward curvature), or a combination of both. Adult spinal deformities can result from various factors, including degenerative changes, trauma, previous surgeries, or congenital conditions that have evolved into adulthood.

Adult spinal deformity surgery aims to improve the patient's quality of life by addressing pain, restoring spinal alignment, and preventing further progression of the deformity. The decision to undergo surgery is typically based on a careful assessment of the individual's symptoms, overall health, and the potential benefits of surgical intervention. As with any surgical procedure, there are risks, and the choice of surgery should be made after thorough discussion between the patient and the medical team.

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